I’ve known Michelle for over a decade, but had never interacted with her in a professional sense. We were first-time homebuyers who saw a house Michelle was listing. I called her and told her we were interested, and she immediately offered to be our realtor, regardless of whether or not we bought the house she was listing. She guided us step-by-step through every part of the process, from looking at other homes, providing comps data and how to interpret it, sitting with me for four hours after the end of the business day in order to make sure I understood all the paperwork involved in making an offer, and taking care of all the little things that cropped up. She also provided extra leaning on our mortgage broker (whom she recommended, and who was also excellent). This was all especially helpful because we were buying from out-of-town, and so she was our advocate on the ground. If you want someone extremely knowledgeable about the market and the house-(or property!-) buying process, who will take you under her wing and won’t let you go until you’ve found the one and gotten it for a good deal, Michelle’s my number-one choice. 🙂

— Jokiwi